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Is Coronavirus a new name for Government Crackdown

With today’s technology. It gets harder to control political dissidents without governments being exposed as tyrants. One thing governments fear is losing the perception of having the moral high ground. They need to be stealthier today. They need distractions, a slight of hand. What if with a little propaganda from news media you could haul off any political opponent to never be seen again. The rest of the population would be praising your action and even helping. Also moral high ground would not be lost.

You may be seeing it happen now or at least the trial run of a government crackdown under the guise of a corona-virus epidemic. Would this even be possible if people had more confidence in their common sense and less in government?

Think about it. After the police chase you a couple blocks, then check your temperature, haul you away because it’s 99 degrees and your never seen again. Pretty sweet for the Chinese government.

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Published on Wednesday, February 12, 2020 by END4uRIP