Bearded Heretic

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War is Murder | Taxation is Extortion | Government is Slavery | Self-Ownership | Self-Defense | Self-Responsibility | Love | Truth | Freedom The Bearded Heretic is an individualist Anarchist Voluntaryist, a defender of freedom attempting to expose the illegitimacy of government, the corresponding […]

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Secrets of Saturn

Secrets of Saturn is an internet talk show with a variety of guests who have knowledge and stories to share that you will find as interesting as I do. The show is hosted by Jason Lindgren. Tune-in and listen to interesting guests with fascinating information. Email inquiries: […]

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Top 5 "Conspiracy Theories" That Turned Out To Be True

The Corbett Report on Bitchute Check out Corbett_Report_on_BitChute […]

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The Higherside Chats

The Higherside Chats is Greg Carlwood’s interview-based podcast dedicated to exploring a wide range of conspiratorial, paranormal, fringe, and esoteric topics – with the best researchers in their fields […]

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Government is Slavery

What On Earth is Happening Mark Passio Podcasts Mark Passio is an anarchist, independent researcher, public speaker, radio talk show host, conference organizer, freedom activist from Philadelphia, PA. Mark has undertaken the task of assembling vast amounts of research in the areas of metaphysics, […]

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Crrow777 Podcast

This podcast is the result of worldwide reaction to the now famous Lunar Wave footage (first filmed September 26th, 2012) as well as the now massive collection of astounding HD clips shot from 2012 to present and uploaded to YT on the Crrow777 channel. As Crow’s popularity grew on YT so did […]

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