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South China Morning Post

South China Morning Post The South China Morning Post is a leading news media company that has reported on China and Asia for more than a century with global impact. Founded in 1903, SCMP is headquartered in Hong Kong, where it is the city’s newspaper of record. Our teams span across Asia and the […]

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News - South China Morning Post

Nepal’s first same-sex married couple vows to continue fight for gay rights-Saturday, December 2, 2023,18:00
Earlier this year, Nepal’s supreme court issued an interim order enabling the registration of same-sex marriages for the first time.
Impact of Amazon’s climate-driven drought may last until 2026-Saturday, December 2, 2023,15:48
The drought has sapped the Amazon River and some of its tributaries, killed endangered river dolphins and disrupted access to food and medicine in various cities.
Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific becomes largest corporate sponsor of West Kowloon arts hub in deal to fly […]
Flag carrier and arts hub announce three-year collaboration, with corporate backing welcomed by CEO of cash-strapped West Kowloon Cultural District.
Israel bombards southern Gaza as residents fear new ground offensive-Saturday, December 2, 2023,14:15
The renewed fighting adds to the ‘massive, unparalleled destruction’ going on as Israel says its forces have hit 400 militant targets and killed Hamas fighters in the last 24 hours.
83-year-old Hong Kong patient dies after tubing from blood pressure machine found wrapped around neck at […]
Police say they have classified case as suicide while they continued to investigate.
Hong Kong market indicators show city still ‘brilliant’ global financial centre, John Lee says, […]
Chief Executive John Lee urges residents to remember city still a financial powerhouse, and reveals he plans to visit Europe to open up business opportunities.
National security studies are going mainstream in China. Will it breed a new Chinese elite?-Saturday, December 2, 2023,14:00
China’s Ministry of Education is taking the lead to ramp up the studies deemed essential to guard the country against perceived external threats.
Get a flu shot, health expert says as China grapples with respiratory illness wave-Saturday, December 2, 2023,13:30
No new or unusual pathogens detected and long-standing treatment methods available, authorities say.

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Conspiracy Music Guru

Satellites on Balloons Remember in 2013 Congress passed legislation allowing the federal government to fund and create propaganda they knew could be used to manipulate Americans on American soil. This legislation was called The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act. Help NoGOV rebut the propaganda with […]

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