There have been many minds that have discovered and improved our comprehension of frequency and vibration. And yet, each time our comprehension of vibration is censored and hidden away from mainstream applications that might be accessed by many. In truth our medical systems, technical systems and daily lives could be leaps and bounds beyond where we currently find ourselves. Here we discuss the lost and censored work of Royal Raymond Rife. This one man alone could have taken medical practice into a whole new realm of healing and cures, and yet, here we are still taking drugs. It may be that we are entering an era where the foundational power and truth of vibration will emerge into our comprehension, once again. At the point that this occurs many facets of daily life will likely leap into a new era of health and promise. As individuals we can all help to quicken and usher in this new era of being, based on the truth of nature. After all, vibration is foundational to form, color and temperature in our material world. And these three critical aspects of life barely scratch the surface of what we owe to vibration or its endless applications that we could employ to improve health, and life in this realm.

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