It used to be that our nutrition was ingested through our food. But in the modern era much of our food is nutrition depleted. This is due to food processing, genetic modification, sugar, soil depletion, and a general lack of concern for health by the corporations that stock our grocery store shelves with so-called goods. The truth is that very little is “good”, in terms of nutrition, on our store shelves. Many of us concerned with good nutrition and health have swapped our daily bread for daily supplements, because bread is no longer nutritious in the way it once was. But this too brings challenges. One must learn what supplements are needed and access a quality provider and keep in mind that all supplements are not created equal. To top it off, this era of online censorship is firmly aimed at supplement providers and health products. It is hard to believe but it is true. There seems to be a general crack-down online with regard to vitamin, mineral and holistic/homeopath health providers. It appears to be the worst in crown-run countries. Go figure. One might wonder how long it will be before health-related items will be outlawed online, as we watch opiate and drug manufacturers push their wares with impunity. The new verse for our time might be; give us this day our daily supplements… This previous line was inspired by the Lords’ Prayer, Mathew 6:11. I wonder what Marty McFly would say about the verse number? 1985, Twin Pines anyone? Talk about actual sin. Times are changing and to prove it, go read the Lord’s prayer and notice the word “sin” is now replaced with the word “debt”. Sanity has left the plane and commerce and data are now king, while health and nutrition seem to be enemies of the state. But then again, health and staying healthy is on each of us… and it always has been. By the way, I would be willing to bet you are low on magnesium.

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