Since when has it been that you quarantine the healthy instead of just the sick. Medical procedures call for the quarantine of the sick for 14 days, not the entire population.

What your seeing is not to protect the population but to train and control them. Wearing the mask has no protection even by their own admissions to the actual size of viruses, the masks being used today would be of no help. Masks are just a poll for the controllers to see who is following the propaganda. To see if the sheeple are ready to give up wearing a mask for maybe a "Vaccine".

A tagged vaccine that couldn’t be faked. One that could be scanned by a device easily to see if your allowed to be in public. No vaccine no travel no groceries, no nothing. Totally controlled by them.

What about the genetic altering that can be inserted into that vaccine. Just like the farmers crops being owned by patents due to changing the seeds genetic structure. Maybe people will be patent-able after the vaccine changes their DNA. No longer having Godly created DNA that is not patent-able but now Microsoft’s 060606 patent-able GMO DNA. Will the term be GMP’s. Genetically Modified People that have no rights to their own body anymore.

What does that do to your Godly origin and Natural rights. Sounds like Revelations with the mark of the Beast.

Video of a poor guy trying to feed his family getting abused at grocery in this video.






Yes, just propaganda now, but don’t put it past them to false flag an event or even worse to keep their control.

I predict future happiness for Americans, if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas knew what he was talking about huh!!