We tend to look back at the music of the 60s and 70s and lament at the loss of a certain musical level and style. But truth be told, the music of the 60s was in fact a lower-minded, less complex version of popular music from a generation before. And while the music of the 60s hypnotized the world, we now know why that is. Simply put – social engineering. In that decade a generation of young minds was ready to change the status quo, and it was through music that the potential revolution was controlled and shut down. But then again, so was the family unit, culture and above all – morality. The fish hook used to reel in that generation has been used many times before, and never has a culture withstood the adoption of hedonism. The programming used to bait the hook and direct the young masses was entertainment, music and pop-culture. And let’s not forget a massive dose of drugs. If you ever wondered why the so-called hippies traveled to San Francisco in 1967 with flowers in their hair, it was because they were programmed to do so. Their arrival was known in advance, and planned for by puppet masters, who were already there lying in wait. And just as quickly as the hippie/music/drug movement was programmed to begin in early 1960, its very existence and its participants became public enemy #1 in the last year of that decade, along with the youth movement. The young revolution had been shut down via drugs, fear, Manson and Altamont (and other events), as had the moral foundations that had once made America great. The aftermath continued until the end of the century with event after event. The stage had been set for the new millennium and the continuation of “poisoning their brainwashed minds”. The British invasion was exactly that, and Laurel Canyon an extension of the social engineering that now defines our modern world. How ironic that popular music has now fallen so low as to often be harmony and melody free. But do not be fooled, it is still impregnated with a programming pay-load. Social engineering is the reason for all of it. Just as the Beatles were a Tavistock construction (all of the big English bands were), Laurel Canyon was an extension of the military industrial complex, which also tested and provided the LSD. And in this era America lost its innocence and its soul, never to recover. The proof of this lies in the nightmare that is the 2020s. In our era the take-over is no longer hidden. “The generals have gathered in their masses.” “Just like witches’ at black masses.” So now we face a spiritual crossroad. On the one hand the truth of nature and the Creation, and on the other a synthetic, truth-free, parallel world made by those who want total control and depopulation. Let’s close with a lyric from the song that launched today’s title: “Day of judgement, God is calling”. It is no longer a secret whose wings are spread at the close of this song. Just look around.

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