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Once again, we cover hope for the next generation – a new life arrives free of modern machinations. The main idea is that each new natural birth is a gift to the following generation, who will have much to contend with, to say the least. Episodes like this seek to record the experience of natural birth, at home, in order to give others an idea of what it means and what actually happens. After a number of episodes, we are finding young parents who have a family increasingly disillusioned with hospital birthing. In each account to date, we have been told by parents that they notice a positive difference in the experience and the new life. We have yet to cover a negative account of natural home birth, though as in all births, it is no small matter and it is our hope that these interviews will inform the next generation and parents who are considering natural birth at home. As our world takes on an increasingly synthetic tech driven culture, it is a breath of fresh air to hear from those who are going back to the future, as new lives enter our realm. May the older ways of honor and wisdom remain an option in our world.

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