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WATCH: 1984 – The Lottery

The first of our short videos marking the 75th anniversary of George Orwell’s 1984... Continue reading

The parallel universe the legacy media insist we’re living in

Hey people, are you seeing this? You might have less money, more debt, massive energy bills, your chickens might be about to be culled, your car rendered unusable, your health permanently destroyed by a safe and effective “vaccine”… but look, the Princess of Wales is wearing a big hat! And a STRIPEY […]

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Alex Jones Down But Not Out, Ordered To liquidate Personal Assets But Infowars Lives On!!

DONATE ➜ https://pressfortruth.ca/donate/ SUBSCRIBESTAR ➜ https://www.subscribestar.com/pressfortruth A bankruptcy judge in Houston Texas ordered Infowars founder Alex Jones to liquidate his personal assets to help pay roughly $1.5 billion in damages to Sandy Hook families, but handed Jones a win -  […]

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The Death of the Shadow

Recently my sister gave me an article written in a weekly magazine that the El Convento Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico printed back in 1963. The little magazine was titled The San Juan Diary published once a week. It was chock full of ads (more ads than print copy!) primarily advertising for […]

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Life After The Bubble: With Special Guest Graham Summers

Graham Summers joins us today to discuss his new book: Into The Abyss. Amazon link: https://a.co/d/9J1wjqp … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0r1Y07vSS0... Continue reading

How to Boycott Big Food

SHOW NOTES AND COMMENTS: https://corbettreport.com/how-to-boycott-big-food-2013/ FROM 2013: As with every such transition, the move from an industrial food diet to a homegrown, organic one is likely to occur in gradual stages. As people improve their gardening skills and devote more of their time […]

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Welcome to the Age of Abstraction

The UK Metereological Office has just reported that we have enjoyed the hottest May on record. Meanwhile, those of us who have lived in the UK during May have endured unseasonal cold and rain, and have complained to one another constantly about it. Welcome to the age of abstraction, when lived […]

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WATCH: The Future of Food

We all know the problems of the modern factory farming system. But, as bad as things are, they’re about to get even worse. New technologies are coming online that threaten to upend our understanding of food altogether. Technologies that could, ultimately, begin altering the human species itself. […]

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Nature's Solution To Health Problems...

Tahitian Noni, The Original Superfruit, Has Been Clinically Proven To Help With Numerous Health Problems. Here Is How It Was Discovered. This is the story of how “Superfruits”, and specifically, Tahitian Noni, were introduced to the western world. Take back your health and be part of the revolution […]

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Damage is a Given

The heavy rains are rich with life in the Spring. Even when the lilacs have died and the wafting scent of lily-of-the-valley has faded. Summer will come very soon, although it seems a long Spring this time and that is something to celebrate because it freshens the air and whispers its promises. We […]

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TLAV Lawfare, Sudan War Caused/Exploited By US/Israel & Damning UN Reports Destroy Israeli Narrative

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours. All Video Source Links Can Be Found Here At The Last American Vagabond: https://www.thelastamericanvagabond.com/tlav-lawfare-sudan-israel-un Want to send a […]

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Scamdemic 2: Bird Flu Boogaloo - New World Next Week

SHOW NOTES AND COMMENTS: https://corbettreport.com/nwnw558/ This week on the New World Next Week: The WHO is preparing to drop Scamdemic 2 with the bird flu bogeyman; Japan’s birthrate falls to yet another record low while the government plays dating app on the Titanic; and Adobe shoots itself in […]

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GOP Moves To Defund Ukraine 'Enemies List' NGO - More Political Theater?

Faced with broad outrage after a US government-linked Ukrainian NGO published an "enemies list" containing the names of several Members and Senators, the US House GOP moved yesterday to ban any further funding to the NGO. But…they will leave the rest of the funding for Ukraine intact. […]

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Blind Woman Refused Entry to Contemporary Church b/c Lights & Loud Music Would Spook Guide Dog

The blind rejecting the blind.  They’re wrong about guide dogs AND Christ.  Then there’s the "Shrek" church… Follow The David Knight Show on Rumble and watch the show live every weekday 9:00am EST – 12:00pm EST: Rumble: The David Knight Show For 10% off Gerald Celente’s prescient Trends […]

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