We currently live in an era where very few of us take responsibility for our health. From diets to nutrition, our health is in fact our responsibility and directly associated with how we choose to live. This includes supplements and remedies, all our choice. There are a growing number of minds interested in holistic methodologies, which also includes remedies and nutritional supplements. In this episode we will talk about these ideas. Along the way we will show how the mainstream media can take a true statement and turn it into the most absurd thing one can imagine. This is done using a world-wide meme most of us will easily recall. If you have an interest in health, holistic ideas, remedies and supplements, this will likely be a good episode for you to catch. It should also be noted that ideas like these are facing censorship in many countries. Supplements alone have become fighting words and subject to scrutiny and censorship, as if your health and your nutrition choices are not your own. So, let’s ask the question. Is your health, nutritional supplements and remedies you choose to use your business and your choice? There are powerful organizations in our world that have decided such things are none of your business and you need to do what you are told and stick to the allopathic plan while they decide what is allowed. Will we see a day when vitamin C is illegal? Or is it ridiculous that such a question could even be asked? And keep in mind that we are told the last president told us all to drink bleach to stay healthy. Welcome to the age of ridiculousness.

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