Modern living has all but lost track of the importance of the light of this world, known as the Sun. This is not true for religion and so-called secret societies. Though, even in these institutions the average mind has not put 1 and 1 together, leaving the sun encoded in scripture and text. It is hard to imagine how the very thing that guarantees life in this world has somehow become lost to the back of the bus. Certainly, social programming has played a role. It is not possible, in this short description, to even begin to explain the importance of the sun, not only in everyday life, but also in the highest spiritual aspirations of the seeker. Even the mostly forgotten age change is marked by the sun, as are the ages counted out and marked by Skyclock cycles and eclipses. In our era the Sun has been intentionally defamed with derogatory ideas and slanders leveled at the religious. Terms like “Sun Worshiper”, or Pagan, have played their role in casting shame, in order to ensure spiritual seekers do not wander too far from dogma, or worse, too close to the truths of Nature – or, the Creation. In this episode we cover some his-story of the Masonic Lodge, mostly in their own words. Spoiler Alert… It is about the Sun primarily. But this could be said of many occulted, or hidden teachings in our world. I will close with a bold statement. I suspect we are entering an age where the Sun we see will no longer be a singular experience. There is, in fact, something else up there and I have witnessed it, as have many others. I cannot say if it is a source, reflection, or another body, but I can say it is there. This is shown at the end of the movie 2010 which is the sequel to the film 2001. This year (and events) and the movie remain among the biggest hoaxes in known history. After all, as we celebrated the new millennium at the end of 1999, simple math prevented us from knowing that 2001 was actually the new millennium kick-off. And what a kick-off it was. The changing world we now face stems from this fateful year, and its event. Who knows what roles secret societies may have played, but at this point does it even matter? After all the Sun will rise tomorrow precisely on time, regardless of who has encoded and hidden its importance, and the Skyclock energies that it lenses.

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