In the early 1900’s ideas about health were much different than they are today. Going to a hospital was not as commonplace or controlled as it is today and drugs were not commonly relied on as treatment. Homeopathy and the idea of being healed was also much more commonplace. In those days there was a stronger reliance on the idea of self-health, to include family remedies and common items on-hand, like iodine, castor oil and cod-liver oil, to name a few. The idea of self-health is once again on the rise for those of us who have become tired of being prescribed drugs with no clear idea of being cured, while dealing with side-effects and addiction as a result. We are once again learning that maladies we have been told have no known remedy are, in fact, treatable. We are once again learning that healing requires elements found in the body, or that are used by the body. We are beginning to comprehend the power of frequency, light and supplements (and food) as it relates to being healthy and healing illness. The power of homeopathy is coming back into focus as a means to correct health issues. The idea that health can be restored by what we know and do is back on the table, leading to new products that provide amazing results. It is becoming very evident that many illnesses like cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and autism can often be associated with toxins that do not belong in our products or our bodies. After all is said and done, who is responsible for your health? For those of us who know the answer to this question, research, learning and action will follow. For some of us the results that follow this effort will change everything, including the idea that there exist common diseases that cannot be reversed. Gerson announced a cure for cancer in the 1930s, and yet we are still searching for a cure for cancer. By the way, he used enemas and living juices as the clinically proven foundation of his announcement. It is currently illegal to treat cancer in the US in this way. Do you get the point and why self-health is so important? If not, chemical prescriptions are still available as the preferred method of treatment under your iron-fisted insurance policy.

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