We are in the midst of rapid change which is being facilitated by both powerful organizations and the realities of cyclical time. This is easy to observe in modern systems, technology and culture. What is not so easily detected is the expansion of human consciousness. Powerful organizations are employing shameful methods to retard the expanding human mind, while the shifting age ensures perception and intuition will rise. Among the regrettable tactics employed by power to stifle mental expansion is the weaponization of medical systems. For nearly 100 years we have been witness to medical digression in the form of allopathic medicine which now relies heavily on a drug based and controlled system. This pharmacological take over has resulted in a medical system that no longer seeks to cure illness as it targets “symptoms” with chemicals which have no possibility or intention of restoring health. This is all changing now in the wake of monumental consciousness and intuition increases tied to the ascending age. Once again, we are rediscovering that to restore health, elements that are found in the body or that are used to build the body must be employed. The power of quality supplements, vitamins and nutrition are firmly back on radar and gaining importance in a very toxic world. Even methods viewed as tabu are gaining ground due to their proven health restoring effectiveness. An example of this is organic coffee enemas which was proven important in the 1930s and then quickly defamed by allopathy and made illegal as a treatment for cancer. We are once again learning that illnesses we have been told cannot be cured, can, in fact, be cured by seemingly simple methods based in the truths of nature. In this episode, we discuss such a method based on an elemental facet of nature. That element being hydrogen coupled with oxygen and called Brown’s Gas. It is hard to wait for such realities to be taken seriously and explored by our “pharmacologically controlled” medical system. But – I suspect that when cymatics (vibration/frequency) is better comprehended and coupled with this elemental power-house, no one will bother to wait as the results will appear nearly magical when compared with current drug-based medical systems.

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