Our guest knew and worked with James Shelby Downard. He is also the author of a number of well-researched books, to include books dissecting the Vatican. For me, his work with Downard (KK33), and his book “Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare”, are key in providing new ways to examine world events. To be clear, a more insightful way that I have used many times, thereby proving the validity of the keys. Never again will I fail to consider geography, history, numbers, names, magnetism, (etc.) – when examining cultural changing events, or what is called news. Truly we are all living in an era of change, and what we accept, believe, and allow, will determine where we go from here. Mind precedes all, and so it follows that a fooled mind will lead to foolish places. If you have not read the book named above or the writing called “King Kill 33”, you should do so. KK33 can only be obtained through our guest, as far as I know. There are few other sources that come close to what is on offer in the writings mentioned here. Mr. Downard turned on a light which brought into view shady things that have been secreted away in darkness. Downard ensured that these shameful histories and methodologies are no longer invisible, and therefore lost the stealth of invisibility. Old tricks are the best tricks. But, like all tricks, once we see behind the curtain their ability to fool us diminishes. The spell craft employed loses some of its power in the light of day. And yet, it is ever present and our current knowledge does nothing to defuse the revelation of method built into our fantastic history. As we move forward knowledge can help to defuse the impact of future engineered events. But as we speak, an engineered history is catching up to us, and revelation of method is being rolled out in order to initiate us all into the psycho-circus we never knew existed. The past has already been executed, but there is still a lot riding on our ability to detect and reject the dark engineering in front of us, that we call entertainment and news.

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