As I write this, we are 6 days away from the Spring Equinox which is dependent on geography. Our guest will be hosting a 2-day conference to coincide with this natural phenomenon. The event will open up discourse on diverse topics from different points of view. Additionally, we talk about censorship and AI in this episode, among other things. Truly we are all living in an era of change that is unmatched, with regard to any other period of time we are aware of. The onset of AI and digital control systems alone bolsters this assertion. As human consciousness and spiritual concerns rise, a parallel synthetic system of control is being built. This man-made system veers sharply away from the natural world, and by definition the truths found only in nature. It is for this reason that divineness is among the key concerns facing us in this swiftly changing era. A divided population is likely to be conquered. This, in turn, underscores the importance of dialogue, regardless of the things which make us different. We are all in the same boat and until we begin to row together the forces at hand will likely chart our course. And the way things look right now that destination is surveillance-based and unacceptable. It is time to join forces regardless of color, creed, religion, or any other divisive tool used by those working for total control of everything… everywhere.

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