This episode picks up as Part II of episode 459. We begin where we left off as a result of so many member requests to have our guest back on. Our guest has 5 books now, published under the title heading “Spirit Whirled”. The first book alone will help minds consider words in a different way, and how a mind considers information, is the whole of the game. In this era of change it is crucial to be able to pick up on and comprehend that which resides just under the surface. In the 5th book of the “Spirit Whirled” series our guest heads to ancient Britain using language to unlock new ideas and levels of knowing. What is in a word? What is in a name? It turns out that the answer to these queries is – much more than you might imagine possible. Many of the secrets of our time are hidden in plain view and simply considering information in a new way can make all the difference. After all, words have meaning, and most of us use thousands of them each day never considering what those meanings are. How is it that much of our legal and civil language is based on nautical ideas, and yet, so few ever make that connection? It turns out that His Story can be considered in a similar way, but at a deeper level. Many researchers in our time are coming to a common conclusion. There was once an advanced world-wide civilization. If this is true, consider the commonalities that can be detected and uncovered in an effort to discover an acceptable account of our past. Megalithic stone-work alone can be shown to be universal, and his story of less-capable cultures in the past is quickly falling apart. And this idea is one tiny aspect of a past we know very little about – by design. Has so-called civilization been evolving or devolving over the past few hundred years? What about the past 10 thousand years? Maybe we should ask the band Devo (devolution). Or maybe we should just forget about the whole thing and play the song “Jocko Homo” on our iPhone, and write it off as entertainment. We are currently very good at that.

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