Here is a quote from a 1977 movie called “Oh, God!”, where God is speaking to a grocery store manager. “Chemicals, chemicals, turning kids into garbage cans.” He is, of course, talking about cereal, and yes, the quality of food has been in the “garbage can” for a long time now in the west. Two decades earlier the TV dinner hit the stores offering frozen food in “aluminum” oven-ready trays. In 1986 that aluminum tray became plastic to usher in the unhealthy microwave oven. The food industry has been degrading the food supply for longer than most of us have been alive. Along with chemical additives and the “processing” of foods, somewhere along the line food that contains life-force was made to be illegal as well. The removal of life-force from foods was dealt with by freezing, pre-cooking, heating, pasteurization, and legislation. In many states fresh pressed cider containing life-force is illegal, as an example. It is no wonder that cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and many other ailments are at an all-time high. After all you are what you eat – literally. As if chemicals, food processing and pasteurization are not bad enough, the addition of processed sugars is also at epidemic levels. Not even fresh vegetables go unmolested, as they are subject to (among other things) genetic modification – but then again, so are we if bad medical choices are made. And that is the key to all of this. Choice. Freewill. We all have been granted freewill by the Creator, and yet very few of us bother to read the food labels or take an interest in the actual cause of many diseases. Maybe we are simply seeing the opt-in version of survival of the fittest. Maybe those of us who exist into the future will be better equipped to advance into the coming era having proven the value of freewill. For my part I thank the Creator for all the rights I have been granted, and I choose to claim and defend the rights I have been granted. I do this because I have freewill, which is also the cause of the foods I choose to eat.

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