The mystery of the Cathedrals indeed. And while there really is no mystery due to books that were written, the books inform us that we know very little in our time. As a matter of fact, the books imply that the so-called Dark Ages were far from “dark”. The books imply that it is our modern era that is “dark”. To underscore this idea, I would ask one simple question. Can we currently build structures that even come close to the function and beauty of the cathedrals? Answer: we cannot even create colors used in the stained glass, never mind the form, cymatics and function so masterfully constructed and handed down to us. But sadly, our lofty inheritance is being erased, by time and intention. We still have books attributed to a man named Fulcanelli. The books spotlight, point to and decode (to some degree) what we are slowly losing in the deceptive transmutation of the sacred cathedrals. As is true of the cathedrals, books too, in our time, are headed for extinction. The digital age opposes free-thinkers, compassion and philosophers. The digital era marches toward control, population reduction, surveillance, and spiritual blindness imposed by an invisible binary juggernaut. One might wonder if the existence or comprehension of the following two books will survive the coming digital era: “The Mystery of the Cathedrals” and” Dwellings of the Philosophers”, both attributed to Fulcanelli. Fear not my fellow sentient beings. You have been granted the Divine Spark and Freewill by the Creator. And in this, it is known that a single spark can create a light that sends darkness fleeing in all directions. I accept that there are those among us kindling the spark, as I accept the spiritual possibilities that beacon from within the Cathedrals. Those ancient lighthouses, still guiding our souls to dry land through stormy seas, where a spark might kindle, and thereby set a new course for us all.

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