Do you notice odor coming from your mask wearing mouth? Guess what, your mouth is a Incubator. Disease loves moist, dark, low oxygen environments to grow, and your mask wearing pie hole is ideal for it. You have joined the international lottery to be the winner for incubating a super disease that takes you and the rest of us out for good. Maybe you won’t be the Grand Prize winner. Don’t worry there’s many secondary prizes such as Tuberculosis (TB), and Trench mouth. Who knows your mouth incubation may create something that hasn’t been imagined yet.

Think about it and have a happy mask wearing, incubating day, also check out the attached PDF below.

Remember in 2013 Congress passed legislation allowing the federal government to fund and create propaganda they knew could be used to manipulate Americans on American soil. This legislation was called The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act.

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