What is it? It’s Nature.

You can never criticize Earth, Nature or anything natural. What if Nature is not as taught. The way I see it Nature is not that friendly. More alien. Nature has no compassion. No remorse. What if we start thinking differently about Nature? Would we be controlled so much by it? Could governments tax us, legislate us, limited our production and reproduction? What if nature was looked upon as an enemy of our kind? Limiting, controlling, and destroying us? Could governments exist if our views changed about Nature? What would governments tool be to control us then?

Lets start thinking the Earth as a huge organism that ate us,wearing us down, aging, and eventually digesting us.

Or the Matrix software world and we’re all batteries being drained for energy.

Thinking Nature as an enemy. Could we be taxed for giving off too much CO2 gas? Would we be told how many children we can have or what gas can be used in our refrigerators? I don’t think so.

Nature is no concern for Governments and Corporations when it comes to their activities. Activities that dwarf the rest of the population.

Where’s the concern for Nature when Chem-Trails leave heavy metals and unknowns everywhere?

People pushing Nature are reinforcing their own and our enslavement. More regulations of the population needed to save Nature? Really?! When the regulators are the problem.

Let’s rethink Nature as just another controlling agenda. Maybe a huge monster that’s digesting souls. Nature will be here long after us, even if you didn’t pay that sewage bill or carbon tax.

There my be no lie in Nature but that doesn’t mean there is no lie in governments Nature controlling agendas.