Is reincarnation real? Well, according to many very old cultures we can read from, yes. I have read claims from researchers that even early Christianity had ideas of reincarnation. This is all well and good but it tells us very little about the opening question. I have researched this topic most of my life, and read more books than I can remember, and still, I have more questions than answers. Of the reading I have done looking into rebirth I would have to say Tibet and spiritual lineages running back to ancient India have the most to say about this topic… at least that I have found. Much of the spiritual writing on offer from this part of the world could easily be thought of as “mind sciences”, with many hundreds of years of continuity of tradition and information transfer. If you have an interest, the information is out there and easily accessed. In the west there is the issue of spiritual traditions teaching that their way is the only way and that other religions are simply wrong. This is unfortunate and has likely prevented many minds from taking a look at what other parts of humanity have learned over many, many generations. To get back to the idea of reincarnation there does seem to be some consensus for those places that accept what the old “mind sciences” have to offer. And that is that reincarnation is real and most will experience it but there are ways to leave the cycle of rebirth. There is also a common idea that at a certain spiritual level there is no need to reincarnate anymore. Suffice to say that this is a big topic and my few sentences here mean next-to-nothing in the scope of centuries of spiritual traditions all over our world. For my part I have learned a lot from what I call “mind sciences”. My takeaway is that many generations of serious minds discovered some amazing things about humanity and made available “parts” of the discoveries (what was allowable). Some of the information was kept secret and some of it, it is said, cannot be taught and must be experienced. For me it feels like I have been here before, but I still do not know where or when.

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