What should we label the once mighty USA? Is it a democracy? Is it a republic? Is “United States” even the correct name for the place once known as America? Is it governed in a way that could accurately be described as “Of the People, By the People, and For the People”? And, while we are at it, what is the definition of a person, in the context of how it is used in that famous speech? Of course, we have been told that “all men are created equal”, but we now know that it does not take long for that equality to vanish in a government led barrage of labels and documents. In point of fact, the US government is a corporation, which means that a much better question than the questions that open this text is –who does a corporation serve? The answer to this question should make clear how the government/corporation deals with all men being created equal. We will side-step the glaring omission that ignores two genders in this Creation. A corporation does not serve the people. A corporation serves itself (primarily), a board of directors and shareholders. But those pesky labels go a long way toward hiding reality. Democracy, republic, communism, socialism and fascism, among other labels, have a track record of trading the rights we are all born with, for diminished versions of those rights, depending on the label assigned, which describes the method by which populations will be controlled (“governed”). Typically, the new diminished rights come with the label “citizen”. If you have any doubts, even the word we use for those in charge proves it. The word “government”, when broken down, means – govern, to control, and ment, which means mind. But at least, in America, we vote for those who will seek to control our minds right? Not so fast. The Electoral College actually seats presidents, or the head of the corporation. And for those naysayers there are plenty of examples of presidents being seated who did not receive the most votes. The proof is undeniable. So, as we look around at the state of this country, maybe we should revert back to common sense and use observation and logic to comprehend the carefully planned realities that hide behind labels. Labels like democracy and republic. What do you accurately call a corporation that pretends to be an elected government, that uses a privately held family corporation (federal reserve) to print paper IOUs, backed by nothing, and foisted on everyone as the sole source of money? I guess we can call it The United States, dropping any hint or idea of America, which once stood for ideas of freedom. America was once the home of the free and the brave, and now, The United States is the home of the illegal decree and the slave. All carefully camouflaged behind labels that do not approach observable reality.

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