Imagine a world where talented musicians make music for the benefit of those who love music. Unfortunately, that is not this world. At least not as far as the music industry is concerned. As we all now know from past episodes social engineering is delivered most frequently via media. This includes news, movies, TV and music. The recognition of this fact has inspired music lovers to begin creating and supporting musicians free of the music industry. After all, once one is forced to face the truth about the soundtrack of their life and how it was made, change is bound to follow. And while many of us still listen to music that was used to socially engineer the world, it is now put into perspective, ensuring the “worshiping” aspect of appreciation is removed. No longer sacrificing our energy to dishonest systems that seek to engineer us (modify behavior and taste) and harvest our energies. In this new era many things are about to change and I suspect how we make and listen to music will be on the list of things that need changing. After all, we all have the ability to shape the new reality in spite of the social engineering beneath it all. Maybe the next decade of music will actually employ key changes again. Maybe the complexity of music will make a come-back and recognize melody and harmony as foundational… once again. In the last 30 years the complexity and lofty nature of music has been engineered out of it in an effort to lower minds. It is time this is amended. Change is upon us now and each of us can help to decide what is acceptable, and what is not.

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