As far as I know Max Gerson was the first to show the power of using coffee to clean out the body. Almost 100 years ago Max Gerson announced he had a cure for many deadly diseases implementing coffee as part of the remedy. Within three months his method was made illegal in this country. Fast forward to the new millennium and the method has been improved by our guest. She studied the properties of coffee and set to work creating a green coffee blend that increases the effectiveness of using coffee to clean out the body. And while the green coffee is not meant for drinking, I drink it on air in this episode and experience a high-octane caffeine boost. I describe the feeling on air. In short, using coffee in the manner first put forward by Gerson and improved by our guest can be life changing. Most of us have no idea how much toxic sludge has been built up in our livers and bodies, but when it is properly expelled it feels like jumping back to youth almost instantaneously. We live in a very toxic world and what we cover in this episode is the only way I have come across that expels toxins from the body effectively. I will also mention that only those of us with open minds will be willing to consider the benefits of coffee used in this manner. Most of us will only consider drinking coffee and what we cover here is 180 degrees off a typical coffee break. Gerson referred to it as an “upside-down coffee break”. The only thing left to do here is ask a simple question. Do you have an open mind that is willing to consider very unfamiliar things?

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