It has been said that living is easy with eyes closed. In a way this is exactly how most of us were introduced to the Beatles. With ears open and eyes closed. It may be argued that we had no reason to suspect that social engineering was the main impetus for the creation of the band or the soundtrack of our lives. But regardless of how we choose to consider the past, what we now know must be a lesson that we apply to our rapidly changing era. How we move forward from here depends on vigilance and correct action. If we continue to be fooled by social engineering schemes, it is very unlikely that our existence will improve anytime soon. It can now be shown beyond doubt that one of the most recognizable personages in history was swapped out with a double right before our eyes. It can also be shown that the most famous musical group of all time was not what it appeared to be. And to top it off, we now know social engineering was the reason for all of it, and that it was the most successful psychological operation imaginable. As a matter of fact, the effects still echo and shape our current world a half of a century later. From the breaking of the family unit and moral values to epidemic drug use, it all begins in the 1960s and our favorite bands are the delivery method. Here we cover one of the first major bands of the decade, who did not write or play most of the music we thought they did. And it turns out those who did write the soundtrack of our lives had an agenda.

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