Our guest lost his wife to cancer last November. This community stood to help as they could, but still, loss would follow. We have come to a point where desperation and loss often follow the allopathic methods that have come to dominate our era. Need I mention the crippling monetary cost of the allopathic machine? Due to these realities, we are seeing a resurging interest in older naturally based medical ideas, and methods. These older methods appear to have been tried and true before the onslaught of petrochemical based drugs. Which is the synthetic foundation of allopathy. We are once again asking if those medical voices from a century or more ago were correct. Is it true that only things found in, or elements that make up or build the human body, can result in restoring health? Are the energy sources and natural realities that sustain our world truly the key to medical success? Is it true that there is one force in our world called electricity? Is magnetism actually the “daughter” of this one force? The answers to these questions are likely to follow with so many minds disillusioned, and flat out failed by modern, so called, healthcare. Synthetic drug chemistry stands on the shoulders of the alchemy of the plant kingdom called spagyrics. The older method only provides what nature will allow. The newer method seems to have no limit or concern for the natural world. Medically speaking we could ask – will synthetic chemicals every rise to the purity and function of those elements made in nature… where we (and our bodies) were made? If the answer to this question is no, then it is time, once again, to pay attention to electricity, magnetism and the vibrational rates of everything that is made in nature, where there is no lie… and whose cause must be a Creator. Maybe we forget these ideas and realities at our own peril. My heart goes out to our guest, who did all he could in the face of staggering odds, within a system that is becoming increasingly unacceptable failure in the modern era.

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