In this episode we cover ideas about birth and death. And while we are all subject to these transitions, very little is currently known, or considered about birth and death, in our changing era. How can it be that the most important change-points in our lives are so readily hidden or ignored? All is not lost – in fact, nothing is ever lost. We will all begin to re-learn and face these transitions under a new Sun. The light of this world has transitioned into a white, penetrating lens, and stands as a guarantee of the new era. The new Sun and its influences are not the old sun, and those who can see have suggested that the change was likely tied to the winter solstice of 2012 – the end of an older and lower cycle… maybe. Births and deaths now occur under the piercing white, higher vibrational light of our transitioning era. Each of us has been granted freewill by our Creator and as has always been true, our decisions and actions will chart what seems to be divergent paths into the future. Light and dark, day and night… the offers and pressures are coming with speed and fury. And yet – we have all been granted freewill. Each of us will create our path (choices, offer acceptance) into the new era. There will always be light and dark. One does not exist without the other. And it is within this reality that our spiritual choices (or lack of) will chart our individual courses. And what of the new lives entering this realm, and the older lives departing? This Sun is not the old sun, and the new era shift is upon us. The older and lower vibrational ways and systems must now begin to disintegrate, and give way to the new spiritually advanced abilities, ways and systems. The low vibrational influences and powers of the past must give way to the new era, though like a sinking ship, they will drag down all they can as they cease to be. Soon there will be fewer of us in this realm. But again, nothing is ever lost, and this will be the result of choices and bad-intent by the old low vibrational powers now diminishing. New births are the promise of the coming higher vibrational and spiritual future and they will have much to deal with as we transition and throw off the older brutish ways. We who exist now must pave the road forward. For my part I will do my best and I ask you all to do the same – but as has always been true, the choice is yours. We were all granted the Divine spark of life, Freewill, and we have all been made beneficiaries of this creation – which was temporarily lost to some degree under an older Sun.

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