For those of you who know what the Gerson Method is, you will also comprehend the power of said method. Our guest examined the coffee component of the famous method and improved upon it. By examining the properties of the coffee, she was able to create, by trial and error, a specifically designed coffee product. Green coffee to be exact. I have used green coffee now, and I agree with her assertions in this episode. Some might ask – what is the big deal? The big deal is realized the moment years of toxic junk flush out of the body. For me it was a bit like feeling many years younger all at once and, politeness precludes me from describing what was flushed out. This episode is important and timely for a world where so many are feeling run-down and unwell. It is hard to imagine that the initial method was discovered in the 1930s, and yet, is still unknown to any great degree. Defamation of the process has certainly played a key role along with laws that make juices illegal in certain applications. Be careful of that organic carrot, lettuce and apple juice! The juice pun was included for those who would like to know about the complete method, again, now improved with green coffee by our guest.

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