Words have meaning and so do myths. Both are employed daily in modern media, to include the implied, and yet plausibly deniable associations. Unfortunately, very few of us take time to comprehend what is masquerading under the narrative of modern media. The author of the new book “Demic of Pan” joins us to discuss the realities and archetypes hidden in 24/7 mass media. As an example, let’s look at the word (or myth) “Pan” which has been much over-used in the past couple years. Pan was born a mature child in Arcadia; his distinct appearance (half goat, half man) delighted all the gods, who then named him “Pan” (meaning “all”). Pan’s name is also the basis for the word panic. Of course, Pan also represents base animalistic tendencies, far from human reasoning. But in our era, very few of us know anything about classic myth, which was once foundational to education and higher learning. And yet, in our time, everyone is aware of Disney’s Peter-Pan, which plays on the Pan myth, from which the title character takes his name. Once upon a time, if you had not studied classic myth, you were not considered educated and were therefore lacking foundational comprehension of narratives that drive our world. Words do have meaning and the devil is in the details, and all those camouflaged details remain plausibly deniable – until you learn how to properly apply logic and reason, which in turn, un-masks meaning and intent. Pan is much more than something you cook with and if you do not know this, reverse the word Pan… and wake up if you’re able.

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