In this episode Fortune de St. Germain joins us to answer member questions. This will be the first of three Q &A episodes recorded with Fortune. Long-time members might notice the tone and tenor of the QA episodes has dramatically shifted toward spiritual concerns, when compared to early episodes of Crrow777Radio. There will be two more QA episodes with Fortune to complete the list of member-submitted questions. I can think of no better guest to address spiritually based questions. Fortune has led a remarkable life and achieved an elevated state-of-being. Jason and I have known Fortune for some time now and he never ceases to amaze, and seems to possess an encyclopedic knowledge of all things archaic – to include spiritual and alchemical knowing. You might notice that the sound of his voice brings a reassuring calm, that in turn, offers a brief relief from the chaotic fear and frenzy that is our era. It is good to see spiritual endeavors rising to the surface in defiance of a world agenda aimed at ending spiritual development, in favor of the dark path of scientism, digitalization and hyper-materialism. “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” What shall it profit a man indeed, and who among us protected their spirit from the infernal veil? These are the questions of our fallen time and the only remedy is spiritual quickening.

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