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400- Mercury the Messenger Says – No Nukes at Crossroads (Free)

400 Episodes, whoo-whee! At this milestone we will tie together many things and show that the old alchemical and astronomical symbols are still in use on the world stage. Mercury will take the main stage as we weave a thread through all media, music, movies, news, TV – ad infinitum. We do this in an […]

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399- A Stage of Illusions, Veiling the Highest Court – Who Are You? (Free)

What is the title of that old song? Oh yeah – “Who Are You?”. Do you know who you are? Until you have accurate comprehension of this question, you might have a tough time dealing with legal ideas and all that proceeds in a courtroom. And, if that is not enough to contend with, comprehension of law, […]

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398- No Cure or Rights in Sight – Now Pay Your Bill (Free)

The world of today is much different than the world of three years ago. What changed? Of course – it was perception that changed. For the most part no mainstay laws dealing with rights have changed and yet nearly everything has changed with regard to how business and corporations treat the general […]

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397- Words, Myths and the Pan You Don’t Cook with, Have Meaning (Free)

Words have meaning and so do myths. Both are employed daily in modern media, to include the implied, and yet plausibly deniable associations. Unfortunately, very few of us take time to comprehend what is masquerading under the narrative of modern media. The author of the new book “Demic of Pan” […]

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396- Fortune Smiles on Spiritual Questions – Q & A #1 of 3 (Free)

In this episode Fortune de St. Germain joins us to answer member questions. This will be the first of three Q &A episodes recorded with Fortune. Long-time members might notice the tone and tenor of the QA episodes has dramatically shifted toward spiritual concerns, when compared to early […]

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395- A Chained Block is Angles of Sorrow in a Crypt – The Hydra’s Lair (Free)

As we move away from buying and selling based on value, ownership too is in the offing. We stand witness to a planned destination based on control and illusion. Some call it the singularity, but a better description might be a world of imagination, built on counterfeit constructs that approximate […]

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394.5- Don’t Give Me that Juris-My-Diction, I Know Where I am (Free)

With much discord currently surrounding law ideas in online groups we once again seek to cover how law became what it is now, along with ideas about jurisdiction. Clearly there are many ways to skin a cat with regard to processes and systems of Law. As an example, we outline the two forms of […]

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394- Imagine Sunlight took 8 Minutes to Get Here, Back to Sleep Now (Free)

You will find the Sun in all religious texts because it exists as the root cause for life here and underpins what we experience. Simple logic will demonstrate the truth. What causes the seasons or night and day, and when do we sleep, and when does new life spring forth each year? The Sun will answer […]

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393.5- Are You a Trustee? If so, that is Unfortunate (Free)

Things are covered in this episode that we should all have learned long ago, but did not. If you had learned in school how not to be a trustee, your world would be a better place. What do you know about being an owner, and by extension ownership? Do you own anything? Can you own anything? What will […]

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