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584- Take an Interest in Nutrition or Face the Dire Consequences (Free)

It is becoming common knowledge that nutrition is the majority factor when it comes to health. Tired ideas like the food pyramid taught in school, or that the sun causes cancer are now coming to an end. At the same time the quality of food in America is at an all-time low, and still falling. It has […]

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583- Questions Asked as Spiritual Concerns Rise, and Dishonesty & Corruption Normalize (Free)

Our guest offered to do another two-part episode covering spiritually based question from members. This episode is part one of his responses, and part two will post as episode #585 on Wednesday the 24th., 2024. We are very lucky to have access to this man’s knowledge base, and he has offered to do […]

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582- Take a Ride on Heavy Metals – Or Get them Out of You (Free)

Recently I ordered home tests for heavy metal levels in my family. The results set me back even though I was expecting to find levels on some of the metals tested for. It turns out both me and my wife were off the charts on all metals tested for. I immediately began plans to detox and purge the […]

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581- Pills & Chemicals do not Provide Health, Nature Does (Free)

Correct nutrition is the basis for good health, in my view. Here is an example or two. I was dealing with trigger finger for some years and then came to find out I was lacking magnesium, as so many of us are. Once I found a quality source, I began taking it daily and the trigger finger vanished in […]

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580.5- There Goes My Hero, Stepping Up Against Tyranny (Free)

We would be living in a very different world right now had many of us conducted ourselves as our guest did back in 2020. She demonstrates that rights do not exist unless you know the law, your rights… and then defend those rights. Change is coming fast and furious as the era shifts, and your rights […]

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580- Nutrition & Health in an Era of Sickness, Taking Control (Free)

In the current era death and sickness seem to be at an all time high. At least when compared to recent decades. From toxic chemicals in everything, to food that lacks basic nutrition, we are beginning to experience the importance of nutrition, and what happens when it is lacking. Poor nutrition […]

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579- Control, Limitation & 24/7 Tracking – The Age of Electricity (Free)

In this episode we cover the electric car. But in reality, the era of electric everything is at hand. From 15-minute cities, kill switches in cars, and electric money, the writing is on the wall. Electricity will be implemented in systems designed to limit, control and track everyone, every day, […]

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578- Th3 Numb3r Gam3, L3t M3 C0unt th3 Ways (Free)

Everything that happens in this world is the result of an action. There is no coincidence, if this is correct. For something to have happened, an event of some kind had to precede the outcome. The common example is that a rock tossed in water causes ripples. One could not rightly claim that the […]

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577- A World of Made-up His-story and Agenda Ridden Science (Free)

Much of what we learned in school is no longer acceptable, and for good reason. From math, to history, and science, it is becoming very clear that our world has been shaped and systematized by power, secrets and agendas. Control, limitation and scarcity are the driving forces that have shaped […]

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576- Do It Yourself, or Pay the Price of Agenda Services (Free)

The cost of many everyday social systems and services is no longer just about money. This is due to the growing application of social engineering agendas. These social agendas have been persistent in entertainment, music and TV, but have now crossed over to nearly all modern products and services […]

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575- Socialism is Communism in Slow Motion (Free)

It is no secret that rights and freedoms have been on a steady decline since the new millennium, which was actually 2001, not the year 2000. After the events of 2020 it is also quite clear that there is an active plan to reduce world populations, and then enforce total control over everyone, […]

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574- When Sun- Based Calendars Replaced the Skyclock Reality Receded (Free)

The power of calendars and clocks goes largely unnoticed. Calendars are an approximation of what the Skyclock proves is true. The calendar we currently use is solar-based, and geared toward facilitating civil controls, as opposed to the synchronizing, healthy, rhythmic and cyclical truths provided […]

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573.5.1- Part 2 = Q & A with Fortune de St. Germain – “Count” the Ways (Free)

This episode is part 2 of a Q... Continue reading

573.5- Part 1 = Q & A with Fortune de St. Germain – “Count” the Ways (Free)

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573- Do You Know the Difference between Private & Public? Let’s Talk Law (Free)

** Solar Telescope Footage ** My first solar telescope video is now posted for members under the “VIDEO” link at Crrow777Radio.com. I have officially started filming the Sun with new high-end tools. My search for the 2nd sun, and all other videos, will be published for members only, free of the […]

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