Many people are of a mind that this year will be one to remember. Along with the so-called election at the end of the year, it is no secret that major changes are looming. On the spiritual side of the fence, I am aware that many consider the year 2025 to be a starting point for a new time-line. And while all of this remains to be seen, the idea of an age change is also looming. In this episode we finish our conversation about the Yuga Cycle. Our guest is of a mind that 2025 lines up with his research on the Yuga Cycle. One thing is for sure though. We are all holding front row tickets to the biggest reality shift in known human history. We are no longer looking for the door, we are walking through it now. Does anyone see a light switch? …because the darkness we just came through, is getting old fast, and it has felt this way since 2001, in my view.

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