Over the last 100 years the way in which we guide new lives into this realm has changed, and mostly to our deficit. This is due to allopathy and its intolerance for natural and homeopathic ideas and methods. Before the 1930s homeopathy provided options that we would currently describe as natural, and this was reflected in childbearing at that time. Currently there is a resurgence and growing interest in the role midwives play in birthing. Having interviewed many parents there is a commonality in their responses when they are asked about their hospital birthing experience. It is often described as cold, sterile and an impersonal experience where medical staff tend to dominate decision making, to include administering medications. Furthermore, a number of parents who have experienced both hospital and home, or natural childbirth, state that the births away from the allopathic system led to a young life with fewer illnesses, and some stated that their children walked, and or, began speaking at a younger age with sharper demeanor and focus. Of all the interviews I have taken part in, natural, and or, home childbirth is among the most important to me. The option of home, and or, natural birth should be on the table for all new parents, to include a working knowledge of what it means, and the differences involved. With this in mind I will continue to interview parents, doulas, midwives, and the essential women who keep the ancient art of natural childbearing alive.

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