Words have meaning, and even though men like Maxwell took the time to show us how power is using words, to this day, most of us remain oblivious. Most of us still cling to the elementary uses of words and language that was taught to us in “skewl”. The truth is that the power of the written, or spoken, word has been intentionally absent from education in the west from the outset of schooling, which begins when young are shown how to “spell”. Unfortunately, most of us never catch on to the fact that the order of letters in words, and the grammatical rules that guide placement, are a very low level of comprehension of what can, and is, done with words and language. Words and language are magic, plain and simple. Using them conjures up images in the minds of those who hear them – out of thin air. To prove this novice point I will now place an image in your head, and very few of you will be able to prevent it. Here we go - “Blue Ball”. And while this demonstration represents baby steps, the Bible offers higher examples of the power of words and language. Genesis 1:3: And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. Let us not overlook the New Testament. John 1:1: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. So as the world sleepwalks into the new era only able to apply, or comprehend, grade school spelling, those who seek to control everything everywhere have been happily applying words, symbols and language at a very high level – and it has worked. The majority of “information”, and therefore thought, is manipulated in those who have not awoken to the fact of what can, and is, done with words, language, symbols, and spelling. It should not be overlooked that language and symbols are forms of energy… vibration, if you will. And this truth tracks back to the foundations of everything. “If it exists, it vibrates”. In this episode we pay homage to a man who spent most of his adult life trying to show the world how to comprehend the world beyond grade school spelling. But even now, very few are willing to consider the magical possibilities he demonstrated. Even fewer, the dark realities and magical manipulations that have brought us to our current condition. We are now entering a new era that has been fashioned by those who comprehend words, language, symbols and spelling at the master’s level. And darkness abounds… until the candle of truth is ignited, at which point, darkness will flee.

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