It is becoming very evident that the history we have been handed does not hold water. How is it that we have accepted illogical, fallacious timelines in our textbooks for so long? A simple look at ancient architecture and stone-craft absolutely proves the false narrative that we have been told is “scientifically proven” history. And therein lies the basis of our modern woes for those of us who would actually like to know a true account of our past. Science has become akin to a cult or a religion as it forces “adopted” narratives and rejects anything that does not fit into preapproved narratives. But – that is all about to change as a growing number of researchers are no longer swallowing the scientific Kool Aid. Instead, they are researching on their own in an effort to acquire acceptable, logical and demonstrative knowledge about our collective past. Our guest is using language, and other logical methods, to research our past, and he is finding a lot of commonalities in cultures that we have been told are unrelated. How long will it be before private researchers totally demolish the false history of Egypt, or the story of Rome, or the tired old “copper tools” nonsense? It is becoming all too clear that the current mainstream history narrative, which is based on linear timelines, is about to get ripped apart by private researchers who recognize the reality of cyclical time. Is it possible that false history narratives are about control and greed? Has it all been just another effort to hide who we are and what we are capable of? No matter what you accept as the reason for our hidden history, it is now time to claim our birthright and discover where we came from and what we are capable of – before the mainstream agenda totally destroys higher-minds, morality and common sense in (the so-called) generation Z… in order to establish their long dreamed of “Idiocracy”.

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