Electricity is becoming both an empowering force, and a restrictive force in this era of change. Electricity is powering the digital world which will soon envelope all aspects of modern life, to include cars. The digital take-over will bring with it many limitations, if the majority of us agree to accept such changes. Things we have taken for granted in the past, like privacy, are quickly disappearing with the promise of zero privacy in the future. Programmable fiat currency, 15-minute cities, social ratings and electric cars with built in kill switches are all openly being built and tested. Each of these ideas on its own will make for a drastically different world and threaten freedom. And while this bid for open control of our world is in plain sight for those who care to look, it remains to be seen what will be accepted. Will this be an era of re-establishing and claiming God given rights, or will we choose diminished rights for the promise of digital systems and services regardless of known restrictions of freedom? The answer to this question will prove, in the short term, if we are truly a species that demands to be ruled. In the long term, all cycles and man-made things will see their end. And here, at episode 500, I would like to wish every living being a happy, healthy and higher-minded new era.

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