You are living in a time of change that is unrivaled in known history. Currently the bulk of everyday systems are run via automation. And though code has been running behind the scenes for some time now, like 911, automation has been placed into open operational view now. The automation is called Artificial Intelligence (AI) implying some kind of “living” intelligence. But it is in fact code, or an algorithm. The word “algorithm” is derived from the Latin translation “Algoritmi de numero Indorum” which is attributed to a Muslim mathematician from the 9th century. The algorithm idea has been around for a very long time. But now, in the age of energy (electricity), this old mathematical idea is changing most facets of modern life, and will increasingly impinge on how we work and live. A current example of this statement can be demonstrated vis-à-vis privacy. Since about 1999 privacy has become a thing of the past. Not only has this gone unnoticed, the majority of us remain unconcerned about the quiet loss (theft) of our privacy. Privacy loss amounts to data collection, and data is what trains AI. Those unconcerned with data collection (privacy loss) will likely change their view when social ratings roll out and freedom is lost along with privacy. AI will serve to dumb-down society in ways we can scarcely imagine. Jobs that require skill and thinking will face deletion. Who will pay an architect, computer programmer or an artist for things AI can create in minutes? Currently mindless content like the selfie is king. And since likes and views are the benchmark for success, quality takes a backseat, and AI shines. This, in turn, will serve to reduce meaningful and thoughtful content. Governments too will fall as AI is created and controlled by rich corporations who also control all modern systems. Isn’t it interesting that AI serves the goals of the so-called New World Order? After all privacy loss, population dumbing, government toppling, and finite tracking and control are all achievable with AI. Unless control over corporations and AI are brought to bear immediately, total loss of privacy and freedom are assured in our immediate future. But, for those of us who have not lost sight of our God given rights, a day of reckoning quickly approaches along with hard choices regarding natural vs synthetic systems and living. For those with eyes to see it has become obvious that something wicked this way comes. Evil never sleeps and this too is true of AI. It never sleeps and it never stops as we were shown in 1984 by the future Governor of California – pre-introducing AI in the film Terminator. Hollywood chose the right year to announce the right future. I guess those in the know have seen the playbook. I ask a simple question. Who was in charge then and who is in charge now? The preceding was %100 created in the mind of a living man who claims and defends God given rights.

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