If it exists it vibrates, which is also true of the human voice. This simple truth will become more important as we get further into the age of energy and leave the age of materialism behind. In the new era what appears to be magic to us now will become commonplace. The majestic possibilities of the human voice have been known for millennia which mantras, chants and the powerful three letter AUM prove. Our guest is clairaudient and developed a digital tool that helps those of us who cannot detect what is held in the human voice. It is free to everyone because corporations have tried to steal and patent her work. She is now giving the tool away. The tool makes it possible to detect health issues, the ring of truth, and many other things embedded in the recorded human voice. One might say the tool opens up a higher level of subtle comprehension beyond our current grasp of words, and their meaning. Dr. Masaru Emoto proved to the world that intent can be embedded in liquids, thereby demonstrating the power of words, intent, and the human voice when directed. This proven truth is now extending into the vibration of the recorded human voice. It is sobering to consider the day when the telling of a lie is easily detectable. But, as we learn that health issues can be detected in our voices, we should consider the possibilities of using vibration to address and resolve health issues. I suspect this will become common place as we get deeper into the age of energy and learn more about the only force, which is electricity (and by proxy magnetism), and the 5 subtle levels of electricity which are represented in our 5 senses. We are, in fact, rediscovering what nature shows us to be true, but we are not the first, which is why we currently “re-search” to learn. Truly, there is nothing new under the sun, nor can the truth be invented. It can only be re-discovered and confirmed via the natural world, where there is no lie.

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