Sometimes old cliches just fit the situation. Those who surrender freedoms in exchange for security deserve neither. And as recent times have shown, you get neither once the freedoms are surrendered. And to add insult to injury, recent times have shown us there was no need to be worried about security in the first place. What has also been proven is that the actions of one life can change, or put a stop to many things. Unfortunately, this last truth has also shown us that very few were ready to stand (recently) for rights in the face of fearful tyranny. But as I write these words, we are on the precipice of a massive energy shift. It is written in the stars that the maniacal top-down control of our era is being overwritten by new energies and possibilities. And these energies provide for the possibility of a power-shift away from old masters. It should be no secret that the next few months will bring change at levels seldom seen in recent times. The coming Spring Equinox (and the rest of this year) and its associated energies will be a very big deal. Those who follow the example set by our guest will positively contribute to change, which is now guaranteed and coming fast. We are all co-creators of the future, and the ability of one life to effect change is recorded in this episode. From monetary systems to power shifts, it is all on the table right now. It is time to master fear, as our guest did. Fear has been used for decades to herd the fearful masses, which is what created our current world and its overwhelming energy of tyranny and no confidence. We need heroes now like we need oxygen. And if you wish to ever breathe free air again in this lifetime your energy is now required to defend what is true, correct and right. Our guest knew that the beach was not, nor could it legally be closed. And yet, all those around her let fear close the beach as she stood tall to hold it open, which she ultimately did. But what if the illegal denial of access to the beach was actually about freedom or human rights? Actually, it was about freedoms and human rights. But again, the wind of our era is shifting. So as the head-wind we have been pushing against for so long begins to shift and push at our backs, do not fail to raise your sails – at any cost. The possibility of charting your own course is now at hand. If we fail to do this now, we will get neither freedom nor security.

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