Our guest returns from the Great White North to catch us up on launching his website which seeks to assist those dealing with legal issues and wanting to learn more about it. Many folks are waking up and remembering that they have rights and as a result are looking to learn how to defend their rights. Our guest addresses the legal ideas at hand from a place of spirituality. He has created a community platform based on notices of liability aimed at issues like smart meters, 5G and unwanted medical procedures. The notices have been created for many different countries and there is a community with which to interact. And while there is a record of success, as with all things, this may not be for everybody. As is always true, knowing your rights and learning about law is critical in our time. It is a shame that such things are not taught in schools, but in the era of the internet the door is open to self-education and community, with regard to law and individual rights. Just remember to ensure that common sense is applied to self-education, no matter the subject.

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