There are those of us who began to see the world with new eyes a long time ago. It seems that for the majority of us this shift took hold during the 2000s, picking up momentum after the year 2001. Two decades later it has become quite clear that we are in the heart of a time of change. And if the shift in consciousness we see can be attributed to some cosmic cycle, aren’t those who began to see decades before the shift all the more interesting? Our guest is one such soul. He was a so-called truther long before the Internet began to label with such diminutive monikers. He may well have been one of the earliest voices on YT ringing the alert bell. Mostly to a deaf audience back then – but times have changed. Questioning the status quo is now the main game in town. There is no shortage of dissenting voices online now, across a vast range of expertise and knowing. From diaper wearers to self-proclaimed doctorates, the truth will be revealed. This is the new mantra of our era. An era of accelerating change. But if we pay attention there are voices out there that do not seek to “tell you what the truth is”. Instead, they point out what should have been obvious all along, mostly pointing to things in plain sight. Our guest is one such old-school voice. And in such a way it may be asked – What is in a color, a word, a name, a shape, a logo? Etcetera, etcetera. For it is here that we realize the main difference in those aware and those asleep. It comes down to how a mind considers any given thing. And in this, there are voices out there that can help you start to comprehend. For my part, I look forward to an arrival someday, beyond the uncertainties of hyper-change, driven by unseen hands holding up the glass darkly, to our imperfect vision of reality. And though the unstable ground under our feet may leave us wanting, there will never be a time we can honestly say – then there were none. For on we will go, all of us, either here, or there.

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