If you have never seen a thing but have an image in your mind of said thing, what does that tell you? It tells you that you might be best served by carefully considering things in order to avoid accepting fantastic ideas. This is the reality of aliens and UFOs. And while we cannot certainly say such things do not exist, we can say (logically) it is fantastic to accept what we have been presented with. In other words, is it better to accept provable fantasy or reject it even though there may be “other living things” we do not currently comprehend? Also, do so-called spirits, angles or other spiritually based beings that have been written about for centuries get lumped into the extraterrestrial idea? It all gets quite complex when you sit down to apply common sense and logic. If we were to remove all entertainment-based accounts of aliens, I wonder what would be left? For that matter, if we removed all similar accounts of space, what would be left? I will suggest that it is better to dismiss such things out of hand in order to avoid “believing” in fantasy-based programming, which is the foundation of this age of deception. Once a thing is “believed” the mind tends to protect the idea, even when new information to the contrary comes to light. At least for many of us. And while the ideas written here are clearly choices each of us will make, I will mention that much of the confusion and lack of common sense in our world today is based on minds “believing” in things that should not be accepted, or acceptable, based on common sense alone. At the end of the day things would be easier for us if we were not slinging through space on a ball spinning faster than a rifle bullet. Under these conditions it is quite easy to become confused and dizzy. Under these conditions there is no firm, stable foundation from which to logically consider anything… which means error is sure to follow. And, this is the problem with “believing” in fantasy. Bad information in, bad information out. Lastly, there is always a “lie” in the middle of the word “believe”, so be careful, in this age of information. Or is it better described as an age of deception? As always, you choose.

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