It has been said that every plant in this creation has its cause, worth and use. It has also been said that it is the dose that determines if a thing is poisonous. If this is true then it stands to reason that a little knowing goes a long way, with regard to the magical world of herbology. In the same regard, a lot of knowing coupled with truth borders on magic. So how do we recapture the required knowledge that borders on magic? In a word, experience. But as is true of most things in this era, experience has been mentally held separate from the Creation – which is the measure and truth of all things in this world. Our guest seeks to reclaim what was once known in the world of herbology and is rightly using the Skyclock, intuition and the truths of nature to do it. We can still read about a time when spagyrics and alchemy ruled the world. These sciences were executed in lock-step with the Creation and Skyclock. From planting to harvest to spagyric creation, the luminaries above guided the way. Is there anything more useful in this world than the plant kingdom? Plants are food, medicine, psycho -active, drugs, cleansers, building material, oxygen creators, pollution cleaners, dyes, fire fuel, cloth, water purifiers and much more. We are now re-entering a time where those with the intuition and skill will once again use nature to prove truth while being guided from above. If the old masters were correct the outcome should border on magic, and the value of herbology re-discovered.

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