The study of how vibration creates form is called Cymatics. It is likely that this currently forgotten science is the foundational key to all 3D form. Search the word “Cymatics” on YT and then comprehend that you just witnessed form being created out of thin air – by vibration. Why is blue colored blue, cement hard or a marshmallow soft, why are things hot or cold? In a word – vibration. It is in this era that vibration, frequency and cymatics are coming back into focus in human consciousness. Vibration is literally the foundational key to everything in our 3D material realm, and how form is created. It is also #3 in the list of 7 Hermetic principles. In knowing what has been said up to this point it should be no mystery that harmonious or discordant conditions are also created by vibration. In other words, the song “Good Vibrations” is referencing a truth about our realm. In knowing this one might begin to consider how to employ good vibrations and avoid discordant vibrations. That is what this episode is about and our guest joins us from Conscious Technologies. He brings with him devices that I use each day now, one being the Core Harmonizer. We are re-learning that spaces can be imprinted with positive vibrations, among so many other pleasant and useful ideas that can improve our world, which is currently in a dark slump due to negative vibrations and intent. If I could snap my fingers and add something of value to this world it would be the following: 1. Create a complete cymatic image library (geometry images created by sound) matched to frequency on both round and square plates. 2. A well-founded color to frequency library matching our color spectrum to the appropriate frequencies. I suspect there is technology above our heads each day (all of the time) that are lighter-than-air. I suspect large stone monoliths, in the past, were moved and shaped using the vibration technology. I call it Cymatics, but in reality, it is all about vibration. So, the next time you hear the song Good Vibrations, you can appreciate the realities being referenced in the Truths of Nature. Here is the opening verse and each line alludes to vibration:

I love the colorful clothes she wears
And the way the sunlight plays upon her hair
I hear the sound of a gentle word
On the wind that lifts her perfume through the air

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