Many feel that public schools have been dumbed down to unacceptable levels. This can actually be quantified by comparing grade school curriculums from the early 1900s against the education of a 4-year college graduate. The result is an eye opener. And then there is the observation that public school in the modern era has become a conformity system, much of which is based on memorization and regurgitation. You might notice that our young are no longer taught how to handwrite. This, of course, brings up the question of how they will be able to read our country’s founding documents – or maybe that is the point. One might also notice that AI has a tough time with handwritten text and lord knows censorship is tough when bots cannot do their job. In response to the woes of our era many parents are opting for homeschooling. Fortune de Saint Germain will join us in about two weeks to cover what public school has lost since about 1930, but this episode covers community banding together in an effort to actually teach young minds things that matter. Maybe these children will actually be able to read the original Constitution and write in cursive. I am guessing the AI bots will not appreciate this – but that is absolutely one of the side benefits. Education has been in free-fall during the course of my life and it seems very clear that we either do something about it ourselves or allow our young to be systematically dumbed down for coming and planned Idiocracy.

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