Here we take a look back in time at how and who guided new lives into this realm. For centuries birth was the realm of women. This appears to be a strange thing to say but a concerted effort to remove women from the birthing process can be shown in the modern era. Once upon a time it was recognized that women give birth and are therefore the best authority to attend the birthing of new lives, thereby bringing experience and knowledge only women possess. Later, masculine Institutional authority implemented a new trajectory for the birthing process, bent on removing midwives and women from the birthing process, which had been previously bound to natural law and common sense. The natural act of birth then took a negative turn under masculine forces, which can be shown from the church to the witch trials. Beyond this the Rockefeller medicine system stepped in taking child birth into a sterile, synthetic and fully controlled realm. This, of course, is where lives entering this realm reside now – for the most part. It is under these conditions that home and natural birth are seeing a resurgence, to include midwifery revival. Along with this resurgence homeopathy is again gaining interest and notice by those who feel abused by the clinical systems of control.

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