We have covered the plant called Iboga a couple of times now and heard some astonishing claims. In this episode we follow up with some pretty amazing confirmations and firsthand accounts. It is claimed that Iboga, also called Ibogaine, ends addictions by resetting the brain to a pre-addiction state. Since our first episode on this amazing plant, we have heard from a number of folks who state this claim is correct. And while Iboga is illegal in the US, we have taken the time to record an amazing firsthand account of a man who broke a number of the worst addictions using Iboga – in a single use. Having read a few books on Iboga, I am familiar with such claims, but now, I accept that they are true. In this era of mass addiction, from both prescribed and street drugs, it is my sincere hope that this information helps many. After all addiction is a self-imposed hell and akin to slavery. Freedom, on the other hand, is far from such nightmares. Be free!

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