In this episode we make some corrections on information that has been offered about Private Association Memberships, or PMA’s. We will also record another two-hour episode soon as interest in the private realm is growing in popularity. We have vetted this information to the best of our ability in an effort to present true and correct information about what a PMA is and how to properly utilize and set up in the private realm. There is a marked difference between the public and private realms and it is critical to comprehend this difference. It is also critical to comprehend what is correct about forming PMAs, and what is not. As is true of all legal ideas there is a correct way to do things and this starts with comprehension. While implementation and use of PMA’s is growing, we have found a lot of misinformation and bad advice and it is here we hope to begin to discover and present what is correct. This has not been an easy task and this is true of all the legal ideas we have covered. There is a lot to know, and a correct way to do things. Do your homework before you jump into such things! We consider our guest a good source for correct information with regard to PMA’s.

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