If it is true that there is no lie in nature then what can be said of technology? It could be said that technology has no basis in the natural world and is wholly designed as synthetic systems of control. These systems are the antithesis of your birthright as follows: The Creator granted you the Divine Spark, Freewill, and made you Beneficiary of the natural world. In the coming technology take-over, daily digital systems and the Internet of Things will track and record every single action of modern life. And while this lack of privacy has never really been admitted or addressed, it is the data collection that will create the coming digital nightmare – if control of said systems remains as we see it now. The data collected will bestow heretofore unimagined power and run roughshod over antiquated ideas of respect and the rights of humanity. The algorithms that mine the data will do so at millions, if not trillions, of processes a second making it impossible for any human being to comprehend how the resulting predictions and controls have been arrived at. The predictions, will of course, improve each day until they either reach 100% accuracy or remain adjacent to 100% accuracy. It is these predictions of human activity that will fashion the Orwellian controls in our immediate future, using the cellphone as the well-established anchor of the planned systems of control. Digital money will represent the largest loss of freedom in the history of humanity and openly flaunt money as valueless, thereby making it impossible for anyone to actually own anything. The fallen systems described here are also creeping toward transhumanism, and its goal is to implant a chip in every newborn brain, resulting in the end of the freewill granted to humanity by the Creator. At this moment we are all on the cusp of change heading toward previously unimagined control systems. Will this nightmare come to pass or will we veer back toward the creation and those things granted to us by the Creator? RING, RING… Your phone… it is with you every moment of the day and it is ringing – will you pick it up? But then, we all know the answer to this question and your location is already known with accurate predictions of where you will be tomorrow, and everyday thereafter. If these things come to pass where you are tomorrow will no longer be your choice, but tomorrow is not quite here yet. For my part, hope and faith spring eternal, and I have chosen the Creator and the rights that were granted to me at creation. I am a living man of the Creation.

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